PRODIGY™ Multi-Position Wing Plow

Multi-Position Winged Plow Productivity

Easy to Operate as a Straight-Blade The PRODIGY™ snow plow features an ingenious patented mechanical wing design that automatically positions its wings to deliver maximum plowing efficiency. Whether in straight-ahead scoop mode or angled for windrowing, it delivers multi-position winged plow productivity in a plow that’s as easy to operate as a straight blade. It’s available for trucks or skid-steer loaders.

Moldboard Features Mechanical Wings

The 12-gauge steel moldboard is 29½” high and features an ingenious patented mechanical wing design that automatically positions its wings to deliver maximum plowing efficiency.

Plow Wings Position Automatically

When you change the plowing angle, the PRODIGY™ wings automatically to transform the most efficient plowing configuration. When positioned for straight-ahead plowing, both wings default to an 8’ 7” wide scoop position for maximum snow carrying capacity and stacking. As the blade angles, a heavy-duty coil compression spring and cable assembly pulls the trailing wing back in line with the moldboard, while the leading wing remains angled forward to direct snow into the moldboard. Fully angled, you’ll windrow a full 7’ 10” swath with virtually no spill-off. For back-dragging, wings can quickly and easily be mechanically pinned into a 9’ 8” straight-blade configuration.

Reinforced Blade Structure

Eight vertical ribs and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide added reinforcement across the entire back of the plow blade to provide exceptional torsional strength and rigidity.

Trip Blade and Wing Protection

Trip blade protection is provided by four heavy-duty coil trip springs, which absorb shock to protect your snow plow and vehicle when striking hidden obstacles. An optional shock absorber is also available. Wing protection is provided by the coil compression springs and cable assembly, which helps absorb shock when striking objects, and automatically returns the wings to their scoop position.

UltraMount® 2 Snowplow Mounting System

An enhanced version of the popular UltraMount® mounting system

  • Fast and easy – no tools required!
  • Extra wide receiver brackets for easy drive-in alignment
  • New one-piece lift frame design for added strength and durability
  • Simple mechanical connecting hook
  • Rotating pivot bar keeps attaching points level
  • Blade pivots while plowing for a cleaner scrape
  • Chain lift system for higher stacking and safe emergency transport
  • Removable receiver brackets for off-season ground clearance

Reliable Hydraulics

Western Products manufactures its own hydraulics components to assure the highest quality and reliability standards. So you get a hydraulics system that's not only fast and responsive, but one that's built to last season after season.

  • Fast responsive hydraulics for maximum snow plowing efficiency
  • Fully enclosed components are protected from the elements

Chain Lift System

  • With the chain lift system, you get instantaneous “float” when lowering the blade. Unrestricted, the blade can freely follow the contours of the plowing surface for a cleaner scrape.
  • With the chain lift you can stack higher because you’re not limited by the hydraulic ram stroke, unlike cylinder lift systems, which can only pull the snow plow up as far as the limits of the cylinder’s range.
  • In the rare event of a hydraulic failure, you can push the snow plow up into a snow bank and “short chain” the snow plow by attaching it to the specially designed bracket and safely transport the snow plow back to the shop.

ULTRAFINISH™ Baked-On Powder Coat

The ULTRAFINISH™ powder coat provides outstanding protection against wear and rust.

  • Eight-wheel shot blaster pre-treatment removes mill scale and abrades surfaces for optimum adhesion
  • Multi-stage pre-wash provides superior surface preparation
  • Epoxy primer is applied to enhance powder adhesion
  • Robotic guns deliver precise, consistent powder coat coverage
  • Final baking process provides a long-lasting hard-as-nails WESTERN red, that’s become synonymous with quality