For really large jobs that need to get done fast, SnowEx® offers a line of heavy-duty box plows designed to move maximum volumes of snow in a minimal amount of time. The POWER PUSHER™ box plows attach quickly and easily to your skid steer, and are available in 8- and 10-foot widths.

Universal Skid-Steer Plate Attachment System

The universal plate attachment system gets your pusher out on the job in the blink of an eye. The system features fully welded seams and internal stiffener ribs for enhanced strength and support.

Structural Steel Channel with Stiffener Ribs

  • The backbone of SnowEx box plows is a structural steel channel across the entire blade.
  • Channel is lined internally with stiffener ribs for unparalleled structural integrity and bucket-impact strength.
  • Durable design allows the pushers to move up to 7 to 9 yards of snow.

Structural Steel Channel

A structural steel channel across the entire blade is internally lined with stiffener ribs for enhanced structural integrity and bucket-impact strength.

Side Support Posts

Side support posts provide protection against bending from hitting curbs or other accidental impact.

Premium Rubber Cutting Edges

Professional duty premium extruded rubber cutting edges are adjustable and reversible.

Universal Skid-Steer Mounting Plate

Universal plate attachment system features fully formed gussets that support both the upper and lower posts.

Side Plate

A 36" x 36" side-plate features industry standard abrasion-resistant wear shoes designed for long service life.