GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS is one of the world’s leading producers of specialized Street Cleaning Equipment. We build Purpose Built, Heavy Duty, and simply Tough Street Sweepers. Headquartered in San Bernardino, CA, we believe in Reliable, Affordable and Innovative products. We are proud to say that our sweepers are Made in the USA.

We customize our Sweepers! Our customers have the ability to pick options that best suit their needs. Reliability and ease of maintenance are our priority. Everyday we listen to our customers feedback in order to change, grow and improve our products. Global Sweepers are designed to sweep every day, offer the Lowest Total Cost of Operation and focus on ease of accessibility to sweeping components. Our Pumps are highly accessible, our elevator system is easy to service, and we don’t hide our hydraulic hoses. We offer elevator/hopper washout systems conveniently located filters that are easy to replace. Our OEM parts include warranties not offered by any other street sweeper manufacturer.

Global Sweepers are affordable! We believe in building a product that you can afford. Our customers should know Total Cost of OPERATION and we gladly share that with them. We use components designed to last a long time and we guarantee they will. Our Dirt Shoes carry a 1000 Hour warranty and our elevator sprockets 2000 hours. In addition, Global Sweepers utilize a single engine to do the job, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance fees.

Global’s three-wheel Street sweeper is designed with full suspension, not available on any competitive products. We offer the Largest Capacity Hoppers with Stainless Steel, a Heavy-Duty Sweeping System, one of a kind purpose-built Cab and Chassis, Large 47” Gutterbrooms allowing our sweepers to pick up as much as 3-tons of sand per minute!

Our product line includes the M3 Three Wheel sweeper with travel speeds of 24 mph, the M4, the only Purpose-Built Chassis Sweepers that can reach speeds of 65 mph with the ability to dump to rear or side. Both offer a cab over design and Low Fuel Consumption. Our CNG Street Sweepers have the best turning radius of 18.5 feet and our Electric Hybrid Street Sweeper is the only one of its kind.

In addition, we offer a Regenerative AIR Purpose Built street Sweeper with a 12.5 ft Turning Radius and one-of-a-kind Chassis Mounted AIR Sweeper that has the ability to sweep in Vacuum and/or Regen Mode.  Global V4 and V6 are chassis built sweepers with Variable Air Stream Technology offer a completely new take on Air sweepers and what they should do.

"It is our mission to continually innovate, develop and provide superior products that are reliable and affordable."

We sell our products and services through a network of independent distributors in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and abroad. Our employees believe in providing quality products in a wide range of applications. Major customers include New York City, California Department of Transportation, as well as export customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We implement high quality standards and processes and are proud to say that we hold ISO9001:2008 Certification. We believe in our employees and we understand that achieving such a high level of quality, safety and reliability, that exceeds our customers’ expectations, can only be achieved through teamwork, communication, and commitment to our values.

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