Tornado™ Hopper Spreader

Advanced Ice Control

For CONTRACTOR GRADE® ice control performance, the Tornado™ Spreader is unstoppable. Its rugged one-piece poly construction is built to last, and the innovative design features are made for performance, so your ice control jobs get done faster, every time. Available in three sizes, there’s a Tornado™ Hopper Sand and Salt Spreader just right for your snow and ice control contracting business.

Perfect Fit for Your Needs

An innovative poly electric hopper spreader with a whirlwind of unique features. The Tornado Salt and Sand Spreader is taking the ice control industry by storm. The Tornado Hopper Spreader is designed to provide professional, trouble-free performance season after season. The Tornado Sand and Salt Spreader is available in 7- and 8-foot lengths, with 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.5-cubic yard capacities.

Corrosion-Free Hopper Spreader

The one-piece double-walled hopper is built of durable polyurethane for corrosion-free performance, whether using rock salt, calcium chloride, sand or any other type of de-icing material. Whether you are using the Tornado for salt spreading applications or sand spreading applications, the Tornado Spreader delivers professional-grade corrosion protection no matter the material.

Overlapping Poly Hopper Covers

Overlapping poly hopper covers protect de-icing materials by sealing out moisture. The hopper spreader lids also keep material out of the bed of the truck when filling up the hopper. Molded grooves in the dome shaped lids also assist in directing water away from the hopper.

Open Poly Hopper Covers

Standard top screen breaks up large material chunks for better flow, minimizing the possibility of material jamming as it exits the spreader. Open poly hopper covers protect the truck bed from material overflow during loading into the bed of the truck when loading.

Dual Electric Motors

  • Independent motors give you complete control of how much material is delivered and spread pattern
  • One motor controls the conveyor for rate of material delivery
  • The other controls spinner speed and spread pattern
  • Electric motors mean reliable startup, quiet operation and low maintenance

Steel Pintle Chain Conveyor

  • Industry proven steel pintle chain provides smooth, consistent material flow
  • Stainless steel housing provides strength and reliability

Spinner Chute Assembly on Tornado Hopper Spreader

  • The fully adjustable feed gate lets you regulate material flow to your and your customer requirements.
  • Extra large 15½” polyurethane spinner disc provides long-lasting corrosion-free performance.
  • The height of the entire assembly can be adjusted in two different positions, for use on both pickup and flatbed trucks, and can be easily removed for off-season storage.
  • Molded handles for easy removal.

The Tornado Hopper Spreader is Easy to Remove

The entire spreader unit is easily removable and, with its chute removed, the hopper spreader stands on end to save storage space during the off-season. Support blocks required for off-vehicle storage.